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Compliance Adherence VS Operational Uniqueness

Maintain a perfect balance between strict compliance and preserving your business's unique essence with Crassula Compliance Documentation. No need to compromise – always stay in balance!

Introducing the Compliance Documents Package Development Plan

Collaborate with BAAS companies with confidence, rest assured with our personalized Compliance Documents Package Development Plan. We assist you in crafting the essential documentation demanded by BAAS companies, guaranteeing your readiness to create a favorable impression

Service Features

Customizable Documentation Format

  • A complete set of Word and Excel documents.
  • Clearly highlighted sections for client-specific details according to your project setup.

Comprehensive Document List

  • AML Policy (with PEPs topic)
  • Sanctions Policy
  • Financial Crime Risk Management Policy (Anti-Bribery, Corruption, Whistleblowing, and more)
  • Customer Due Diligence Procedure
  • Transactions Monitoring Procedure
  • Fraud Policy
  • Compliance Monitoring Policy
  • FinCrime Prevention Training Policy

Content Tailored to EU and UK Standards

  • Universal approach suitable for EU and UK markets.
  • Designed for non-regulated businesses not directly under the AML legislation.
  • Ensures adherence to partner-required Anti-FinCrime standards.
  • Offers actionable recommendations tailored to your company's specific operations.
*Documents developed within 2 weeks post-contract signing

Prerequisites for Clients

For the successful implementation and utility of these documents, clients must:


Have an AML or Anti-FinCrime dedicated team.

Competence and Resources

Possess the necessary competence and resources for AML processes, including IT staff, lawyers, software, and systems.

Important Note

Possession of these documents doesn't guarantee partner onboarding. Adequate customization, consistency in communication, and understanding of FinCrime risks are crucial for a successful partnership.


Why Choose Crassula's Compliance Documents Service?


Leverage our deep knowledge in core banking software platforms.

Tailored Solutions

Customizable documents that resonate with your business.


No hidden costs or surprises. Only quality service for all our clients.

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Seamless Integration with Leading Solutions

Pre-Tailored for Top Platforms

Pre-tailored Compliance Documents Package aligns with the specific requirements of the industry's leading platforms::



Ensure rapid onboarding with documentation in sync with Modulr's compliance expectations.



Navigate Railsr's intricate compliance landscape effortlessly with our specialized documentation.



Align your operations seamlessly with Clear.Bank's rigorous compliance standards.



Navigate the OpenPayd ecosystem with ease, leveraging our expertly crafted documents.



Bridge the gap to successful partnerships with documents tailored for ConnectPay's unique requirements.

Choosing Crassula means getting compliance right for today's financial platforms

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