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Deploy a MICA-ready, full-spectrum White-Label Crypto Banking Platform, engineered for seamless transactions, robust security, and superior scalability.

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Unlock Your Brand's Potential with Crassula

Crassula is pioneering the fusion of traditional banking with the boundless potential of cryptocurrency. Our mission is simple: to empower your business with a tailored crypto banking platform that resonates with your brand's unique vision.

Customize Your Crypto Banking Edge

We understand that no two businesses are alike. That's why our white label solution is crafted to align with your specific requirements, offering a versatile suite of crypto services designed for the ultimate personalized banking experience.

Crypto Banking Edge

Where Features Meet Future-Ready Benefits

Comprehensive API Layer

Our robust API layer ensures seamless integration of diverse banking services, facilitating rapid deployment and a cohesive user experience.

Customizable Web UI

Tailor the web interface to align perfectly with your brand identity, offering your customers a familiar and comfortable banking environment.

Crassula Core Banking

Leverage our core banking functionalities to provide consistent and reliable banking services, ensuring operational continuity and customer satisfaction.

Dedicated Crypto Module

Enter the crypto space with a comprehensive module that supports various crypto activities, including trading, wallet services, and more.

FX/Liquidity Services

Offer competitive foreign exchange rates and ensure liquidity with integrated services, enhancing your platform's financial capabilities.

KYC and Transaction Monitoring

Stay compliant and secure with our advanced KYC and transaction monitoring systems, safeguarding against fraud and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Back Office Support

Gain access to comprehensive back office support, ensuring smooth operations and effective management of your banking platform.

Flexible Integration Options

Whether integrating with existing systems or building from the ground up, our platform offers the flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

Card Issuing Capabilities

Expand your offerings with integrated card issuing services, allowing customers to easily access and use their funds.

Advanced Business Process Management (BPM)

Streamline your operations with our BPM tools, enhancing efficiency and customer response, leading to optimized business processes.

Partnerships with Leading Platforms

Benefit from our strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Kraken, Bitgo and Fireblocks ensuring access to top-notch crypto exchange and liquidity services.

Robust Custody Solutions

Secure your customers' digital assets with our top-tier custody solutions, ensuring safety and trust in your crypto services.

Why Choose Crassula

Assurance of Compliance and Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations, Crassula remains steadfast in its commitment to compliance and security. Our platform is built to adapt to regulatory changes, ensuring that your operations stay compliant. Alongside, our robust security protocols protect your business and your customers, providing a foundation of trust in your services.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Embrace the efficiency of Crassula's platform, where we've streamlined the path to launching your crypto services. Our approach significantly reduces both upfront and ongoing expenses, cutting down on the extensive resources typically required for development, maintenance, and updates. With Crassula, launch your services faster and more cost-effectively.

Comparison with In-House Solutions

Choosing Crassula over an in-house solution means accessing a state-of-the-art platform without the complexities and risks of developing it from scratch. Our solution stands out by offering a ready-to-market product, infused with expert insights and proven functionalities, that surpasses the challenges of in-house development cycles.

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We've Got the Insights!

Yes, our crypto banking platform is fully prepared for the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MICA) regulation. We've ensured that our system complies with these regulations, so you can confidently provide crypto banking services knowing that they meet the latest legal standards.

Our white label solution is designed for rapid deployment. You can launch your customized crypto banking services typically within a few weeks, depending on the level of customization required.

Absolutely. Crassula's platform is built to scale effortlessly with your business, accommodating increasing transaction volumes and customer base without compromising performance.

Security is paramount at Crassula. We employ the latest encryption and security protocols, regular security audits, and comply with industry standards to safeguard all data.

Yes, our platform is designed for flexible integration with your existing systems, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of your business operations.

Crassula provides comprehensive support, including technical assistance, platform customization guidance, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your platform operates optimally.

Our platform is built with compliance at its core. We stay abreast of regulatory changes and ensure that the platform adapts to meet the latest standards, giving you peace of mind.

Crassula in Action

Crassula's product allowed us to quickly launch a payment business. A huge advantage is the availability of integrations with many banks and acquirers, which makes it possible to quickly connect new payment methods for customers.

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Andrejs Sarichevs

Member Of the Board at Moniv

Paysend Connect removes the hassle and complexity for business owners wanting to open up a multi-currency business account. By supporting businesses to do this quickly and simply, we help them to focus on their commercial operations.

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Ronnie Millar

Ronnie Millar

CEO & Paysend Co-founder

Effortless Integration

Our platform is engineered to effortlessly blend with your existing financial systems, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous operational flow. With our adaptable API, you can easily connect your current banking, CRM, and other business systems, creating a unified and efficient financial ecosystem.

Access to Comprehensive API Documentation

Developers are integral to the successful implementation of any platform. We provide extensive API documentation, giving your technical team all the necessary resources and guidelines to integrate and customize the platform to fit your unique business needs. This documentation is designed to be clear, thorough, and continuously updated.

Access to Comprehensive API Documentation

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Robust Security Protocols

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance, security is not just a feature – it's a necessity. At Crassula, we:

  • Implement state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the highest level of protection for your business and your clients.
  • Protocols include advanced encryption, continuous monitoring, and regular security audits to safeguard against threats.
  • We are committed to maintaining a secure platform, where every transaction is protected, and every data point is secure.

Rigorous Compliance Standards

Navigating the complex world of financial regulations can be daunting. That's why Crassula's platform is designed with compliance at its core. We stay ahead of regulatory changes in the crypto banking sphere and ensure that our platform adheres to the latest standards globally. From KYC to AML regulations, our system is equipped to manage compliance seamlessly, offering you and your clients peace of mind in every transaction.


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Crassula is your gateway to the future of finance. Don't miss the opportunity to lead in the digital economy with our advanced crypto banking software.

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