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SEPA Credit

Choose from many SEPA credit providers who are currently working with Crassula. Whether you are licensed or not, Crassula will help you build a better payment experience for your clients.

SEPA Instant

Crassula offers several BaaS providers that support SEPA instant credit transfer, enabling clients with the fastest way to send EUR across 36 countries of the Eurozone, presented by more than 1000 banks.

Wire Transfers

Send or receive funds via the most popular banking payment systems like SWIFT or local bank payments provided by several Crassula partners. Use intelligent payment routing and flexible fee structures to define better pricing models for your clients.

Deposit by Card

Allow your customers to use virtual IBANs for top-up or withdrawal funds. Use the most recognized BaaS providers and banks to support your project with IBAN generation for end-use

Faster Payments/Chaps/Bacs

Choose from Faster Payments or other GBP payment providers currently covering our customer's UK local payments experience. Enable clients to use UK-based payments instantly for the lowest fee possible


Choose from ACH payment providers currently covering our customer's local US payments experience. Enable clients to use US-based payments both ways instantly for the lowest fee possible


Enable inter-ledger payments for your clients. Crassula supports inter-ledger payments of both types: internal - between two accounts inside the Crassula banking platform and external - within a designated financial service provider. Use the internal number generated by Crassula, the client's nickname, or phone to attribute it to payment.

Deposit by PISP

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Convert & Send

Choose the card issuer and appropriate program for your business needs. Crassula offers several different card issuers working in the EU, UK, and Globally.

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