Create your own digital banking and payment gateway solution

Crassula White Label solutions allow you to build PSP, Banking, FX products the way you want them to be in days, not months.
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Available on iPhone & Android

Online payment processing

Create your own eCommerce global payment gateway with Crassula. Fully PCI DSS compliant and designed with multiple acquiring, alternative payment methods, anti-fraud solutions, risk management, merchants integration, smart routing, virtual currencies and more.

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store, a subscription service, or just need to get paid once in a while, Crassula’s eCommerce tools help you create the best experience for your clients.

Statements, reporting, limits, access roles

Statements and reports will keep you and your customers informed about the activities happening within the accounts.

Limits and levels, two-factor authentication, access roles, and activity logs provide multi-way security to help your business comply with the regulations and stay safe.

Crassula core API

Open API connected to Banking allows your business to offer connectivity and endless integration possibilities.

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eCommerce API allows your merchants to integrate checkouts with only several lines of code or use REST API for integration in a server 2 server mode.

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Endless possibilities
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Virtual IBANs and card issuing
  • SEPA and international money transfers
  • Payment gateway product for PSPs
  • Administrative panel and reporting
  • Open API
Mobile banking

Crassula open API allows businesses to integrate current account operations with their software and business tools and processes. Can be used for account creation, IBAN generation, payment automation, currency exchange, card issuing, sending international and SEPA payments, running bookkeeping processes or even building your very own mobile app.

All your customers, daily operations available in business-friendly app wherever they are.

Available on iPhone & Android
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