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Paul Voite, Lead Software Engineer
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To help companies in every part of the world build and launch secure, modern, and technological FinTech products fast and effectively.


To become the leading FinTech platform in the transforming industry where banks and financial institutions will fully switch to platform solutions, and provide a full spectrum of financial services for all companies. Lead the industry forward.

Crassulaʼs main value is its people. With our outstanding people, we have created a culture of professionalism and responsibility, creativity and self-discipline. We define professionalism as the approach to solving the problems with an aim to constantly exceed standards. Each of our staff is empowered to make their own decisions.

A great working environment means great colleagues. We sincerely share new ideas and information, and everyone can rely on the help of the team when facing challenges.

Development and progress

We value self-improvement, which comes from the gained experience, observations, research and discussions. Crassula supports career growth and helps to plan and achieve goals.


Crassula creates innovative solutions, thus many things are happening for the first time and are not obvious at first glance. To successfully solve new tasks, each of us needs to express our opinions, propose new ideas, as well as question activities that do not comply with company values.


We are one team moving towards one goal, that is progress why we are always helping and supporting each other.