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Oversee, Manage and Control - Crassula is the ultimate tool for running your business. Manage users and access roles, fees, onboarding process, issued cards, approve and control transactions, set limits, and much more.

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Flexible and Convenient Reporting

Get track of every penny. From markups to volumes, from currencies to charged fees, Crassula creates flexible and convenient reporting for your business.

User Management & Access Roles

Manage your employees and access levels. Crassula allows you to create access roles, customize permits, and control any functionality of your product.

Transactions Approval & Control

Need to check transactions before sending? Crassula allows adding an extra layer of control over transaction flow by setting single or multi-level transaction pre-approvals.

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Fees management

Manage price lists and individual fees, set mark-ups and pricing plans for different periods. Crassula supports any fee model that runs your business.

Onboarding Management

Get to know your clients by setting different onboarding scenarios, automatic KYC checks, client profiles, document storage and much more all in one place.



Manage your private and business customers, set connections between the entities, see related accounts, transactions, statuses and fees all in one place. Crassula also allows to create access roles, customize permits and support access to business accounts for multiple parties.

Case Management

Get convenient tools for your compliance team. Crassula Case Management allows sending messages and adding notes, storing communication history in one place.


Dictionaries & Country Groups

Create any user types, user levels and subscription plans with configurable dictionaries. Use the wording that appeal to your target audience.

Country groups additionally allow to separate fees and other operations for a given country group instead of per-country settings management.

Marketing - UTM tags

Connect Crassula and your marketing platform via UTM tags to have insights about your audience. Optimize your strategies to increase conversion and LTV of your customers.


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