Crassula For Developers

All resources and tools you need for building and launching your business with Crassula. Documentation is valid for demo accounts, each White Label has its own version of the documentation.

Crassula For Developers

Crassula Banking API documentation

Crassula Banking API documentation allows building your own additional services, interfaces, mobile apps connected to your version of the Core Banking.


Create, manage multi-currency accounts, generate virtual IBANs, manage balances

Payments & Transfers

Account top-up, SEPA, SWIFT, internal transfers, drafts, history, statements, confirmations

Card issuing

Virtual and plastic cards, security settings, limits, blocking & freezing


Price lists, percentage and fixed fees, subscriptions and recurring fees

Currency exchange

Get FX rates, place orders, manage mark-ups

Verification & onboarding

Application forms, Private & Business client verification, limits.


Easy and secure integration that takes only a few minutes to integrate. Get sandbox, demo cards, and short documentation.


Empower your merchants to build payment processing the way they see it. REST API allows building adaptable and scalable integrations.