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Individual Accounts

Create deposit accounts for individuals, with or without linked card, IBAN, or internal payments. Define special tariffs, statuses, and an account provider automatically or manually depending on a configuration.

Crypto Accounts

Enable your customers to create crypto accounts with a crypto address linked to them. Use enterprise-grade custody and liquidity providers to store cryptocurrencies and buy or sell operations made by your end-users.

Omnibus Accounts

Allow 3rd party Business customers to generate unlimited amount of your virtual IBANs using Crassula offered API. Use one of two generation algorythms: random account number, based on sequence generated from pre-defined rule.

Virtual IBANs

Allow your customers to use virtual IBANs for top-up or withdrawal funds. Use the most recognized BaaS providers and banks to support your project with IBAN generation for end-users. Crassula will enable it easily by request.

Business Accounts

Create accounts for legal entities with linked business card, IBAN, or used for internal payments. Set an account priority status. Mostly, Primary accounts are opened first and used for fee charging.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Define which accounts will be single or multi-currency. Unless with a single provider currency, this account type allows maintaining multi-currency accounts provided by a BaaS partner or bank


Give your clients the ability to earn with the Vaults functionality add-on. Vaults are interest-bearing accounts that have a pre-configured maturity date. This account requires the client's funds to remain for a fixed period to earn the defined interest rate.

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