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Core Banking

Seeking cost-effective ways to operate your financial institution more efficiently or start your banking business from scratch with a customizable progressive system? With us, your desirable fully-branded banking solution will be launched in less than a week.

Core Banking Interface
Core Banking Card
Core Banking Payments

Fast and agile Core banking solution for your future bank

In the ever-changing banking ecosystem, delivering a unique banking experience that offers customers great convenience and also guarantees safety is an absolute necessity. Crassula's bouquet of services aligned to core banking is developed to do just that.

  • Access banking through multiple channels

    Manage all aspects of interaction with your customers across all the integrated channels in a matter of seconds, not hours.

  • Offer a wide array of products and services

    Quickly adapt to new market patterns and deliver top-notch financial services that the customers will choose once and for life.

  • Open new revenue opportunities

    Cut down on the infrastructural and operational costs and wisely invest the money into your business.

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Wide banking functionality

We've built a modern cloud-based core banking technology encompassing extended functional coverage that helps banks scale new heights, augment efficiency, deliver flexible customer experience, and gain customer loyalty.

Multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts are becoming more popular among start-up owners and merchants. It's much faster and less cumbersome than setting up an international bank account that requires a pile of different to be prepared and approved.

Many businesses opt to use multi-currency accounts because they can offer numerous services and accept major global currencies in a single account.

Virtual IBAN integration

Virtual IBANs are praised by our customers as it unlocks cross-border payments. Anyone can use it to send and receive payments from customers and clients in multiple jurisdictions.

There's no need for a physical presence all around the globe. You can efficiently grow your business and offer a local banking experience remotely, regardless of where you are based in the world.

International transfers

Sending money abroad is easy, transparent, and reliable — no hidden fees, no hassle, and no long processing time. With Crassula, your customers will be able to facilitate international payments.

They will choose from a vast selection of currencies and make international transfers at the real market exchange rate in just a few clicks at the comfort of your app.

Instant SEPA & SEPA credit transfers

The international payments process is simplified thanks to SEPA. The SEPA Credit Transfer is a euro transaction where both the sender and receiver are registered with banks located in the SEPA area.

Instant SEPA is a payment scheme in euro following the same principle that is executed in a matter of seconds.

Currency exchange

The currency exchange functionality provides an automated currency conversion service via API. You can add one more mean of payment for your customers and diversify your portfolio.

Your customers can make currency exchange transactions and easily switch currencies in your branded web banking or mobile banking apps. Crassula's currency exchange providers and integrations will ensure the best rates and liquidity.

Card issuing

Payment cards are a keystone to a successful customer's financial experience, which is why more and more businesses, financial institutions, and fintechs are considering issuing their own.

Crassula can provide your clients with the opportunity to spend their money and make purchases with fully branded physical or virtual payment cards.

Redefine the beauty of core banking

Complete product

Get a ready-to-launch solution with beautiful web UI, iOS, Android mobile apps, administrative panels, APIs, and much more.


Launch your core banking within 5 business days! Adding new functionalities to a new acquiring bank will take a few more weeks.


Enable secure and compliant operations such as AML, KYC, and digital to meet all requirements set by regulators.


Customize your solution to support your USPs and specific business needs in a function-rich yet simple way with agile banking products.

Cloud Solution

Focus on your business while we take care of technology – a simple, flexible, and lightweight solution running in a cloud.


Open your own bank on a limited budget. We offer a while-labeled product for the price of hiring a software developer.

Core Banking platform powered with unique technology for businesses of all types

  • Banks

    Modernize the existing core banking legacy infrastructure and implement the latest technological products.

  • FinTech Startups

    Empower your financial technology start-up with ready-to-launch Core Banking Software instead of building fintech tools from the ground up.

  • FinTech Companies

    Open a new revenue stream for your FinTech business by adopting digital wallet products that can address the needs of your customers.

  • Holding Structures

    Build a cash flow management system for your business or group, launching your private Banking solution.

  • Resellers

    Embrace the industry transformation and strengthen your positions within the value chain by expanding the FinTech product line.

Let's discuss your project and see how we can launch your digital core banking product together

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Core banking can be defined as a banking service provided in a form of software that handles all of a bank's basic transactions and tracks all the movements and operations carried out by customers in their bank accounts.

The core banking system typically includes deposits, loans, credit processing, payments, and transaction accounts available across multiple channels.

We are a technology provider, delivering you both back-end and front-end banking solutions in web and mobile interfaces for merchant payments and banking products.

With Crassula White Label software your business will get a fully branded Banking solution in less than 2 weeks.

We mostly work with Resellers, Banks, FinTech Startups, FinTech companies, and Holding Structures.

  • Fast integration time if you choose service providers from Crassula’s list. The entire time to market process will take only up to 2 weeks in case the product uses already existing integrations designed by our service providers.
  • Crassula provides the back-end (the Admin panel) and also the front-end (Web interface & Mobile application architecture designed by our experts).
  • You access round-the-clock banking anytime and from anywhere through a single real-time data center.
  • You can open accounts for your clients with unique crypto addresses, allow them to exchange fiat for crypto, make crypto transfers, invest in digital assets, and issue cards for private and business clients. In simple words, you can run your crypto bank.
  • You get to use a completely white labeled and adjustable solution tailored to personal preferences and technology needs.
  • You benefit in multiple ways. Among the primary perks above you receive process standardization, customer retention, improved documents management, robust safety, and compliance process.

We provide core banking services based on the SaaS subscription-based pricing model.

No, Crassula does not sell core banking source code. Our cloud-native model is based on the SaaS model.

Nowadays, robust core banking Technology is a must for the survival and growth of any organization that strives to be digital-first in the banking industry also.

Whether you are looking for next generation core banking systems or you need to embed FinTech services into your existing product, you can rely on Crassula's fully branded Banking-as-a-Service Core Banking software. It supports all daily open banking products that can be adapted to your business needs.

Crassula White Label Banking will help you:
  • To meet the dynamically changing market & customer needs.
  • To get holistic client information for credit checks and lending.
  • To improve and simplify banking processes so that your team can focus on sales and marketing instead.
  • To streamline costs and resources.
  • To get to market with new products much faster.
  • To attract the potential for revenue-driving partnerships

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