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Rietumu Bank

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Rietumu Bank

Step into the forefront of financial excellence with Rietumu Bank and Crassula synergy crafted to bring unparalleled banking and financial solutions to both private and business clients.

Rietumu Bank, a trusted name in the industry, presents a plethora of services. Open accounts with IBANs, manage cross-currency payments in a multitude of currencies right from euro accounts, and enjoy competitive rates that redefine the banking experience. With an emphasis on the online arena, Rietumu Bank provides robust solutions for IPSPs, banks, and online businesses. The spectrum of their services extends to acquiring, processing, and clearing in 18 currencies, along with the innovative p2p card-to-card transfer mechanism.

Enhancing this suite of services is Crassula's cutting-edge integration. Tailored to support diverse business models, the platform is equipped with a comprehensive backoffice that offers businesses unmatched control over clients profiles, transactions, fees, and verification levels. To ensure a holistic experience, Crassula further complements this with White Label web and mobile interfaces.

Together, Rietumu Bank and Crassula usher in a new age of financial management. A world where every transaction is streamlined, every process optimized, and every financial goal is within reach.

Rietumu Bank & Crassula

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