Everything you want to know about our people, principles and mission.

Supporting launch, growth and development of FinTechs around the world.
We started with a simple idea - to provide the fast and easy yet product-rich technological core for launching FinTechs. Today, trusted by the industry leaders, we embrace security and connectivity, flexibility and convenience, delivering the world-class products to more than 5 million users.
Always improving
Crassula is constantly developing, growing and improving. We rely on the features and integrations that are desired and requested by our clients and their users - this helps Crassula to move and be a live ecosystem in an always-changing environment.
People behind the code
People are our greatest value. We run offices and remote teams, we embrace diversity and unity. Crassula is built on a culture of trust, support and innovation.
We are all passionate about building next-generation FinTech products.
Crassula locations
London, UK
20-22 Wenlock Road
Tallinn, Estonia
Narva maantee 38
Riga, Latvia
Balasta Dambis 15
1 George Street, 10-01

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