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Crassula product and features update during Q3 2022

Jan. 11, 2023
Endorsed by Expert: Aleksandrs Novozenovs
Kate Drozd
Kate Drozd
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Over the past several years, we’ve made a significant investment in Crassula infrastructure and product development that have benefited our clients. Many of those improvements have added new capabilities to Crassula products – such as improving the security of Crassula’s system, adding new functionalities like Limits, Cashback, Client segmentation, and opening new markets and simplifying our customer business with new integrations. More than 15 integrations have been made in the last two years.

We maintain all these new features and integrations according to PCI DSS Level 1 and high-security standards.

However, we are more than just a technology platform. We are the enablers that help our clients develop and implement these solutions. Our expertise and client managers team work hand in hand with clients to input into the design of a tech strategy and provide ongoing support once the Crassula system is installed. We are continuously expanding and investing in our global network of partners. Our ecosystem covers system integrators, consultants, and technology partners to support clients’ innovation.

Functionality improvements and new integrations over the last 2 years

We’d like to remind you of the most significant improvements and new integrations Crassula has made over the previous 2 years, which include:

Core Banking System

Limits, including FX transaction amount limits Limits define the amount and the number of transactions allowed for the client
Cashback, including cashback for card top-up Cashback rewards on several type of transactions
Client levels/tiers and their paid upgrades Client segmentation based on the single time subscription fee, affecting the user’s limits
Pay back and Pay again functionalities Pay again – allows users to repeat an outgoing transfer without creating a template Pay back – allows users to create a “response” payment to an incoming transfer
Manual outgoing payments Outgoing payments (internal and external) creation by the client in the Admin panel
Scheduled payments Method for clients to schedule payments for the future
Interledger payments Payments between different providers using the pre-defined liquidity pools
Dictionaries Add labels to clients’ profiles and assign them to custom fee rules
Vaults Form of deposit accounts with withdrawal limitation and investment bonus
Batch payments (crypto) Cryptocurrency payments can be grouped into batches to hasten the process of fulfillment
Crypto Slippage on Kraken To avoid unnecessary crypto slippage (the difference between the expected price of an order and the price when the order executes) when trading
New languages Added 9 new languages for the Banking Web Interface



Connect Pay Banking as a Service
Clear.Bank Banking as a Service
Currency cloud (in progress) Banking as a Service
Banking Circle FX Banking as a Service, FX part integrated
Contis Payment card issuing


Fireblocks Crypto custody

Transaction monitoring

Huntli Transaction monitoring for fiat and crypto
Salv Transaction monitoring for fiat
Comply Advantage Transaction monitoring for fiat and crypto


Qiwi Payment card acquiring
AliPay Payment card acquiring
WorldPay Payment card acquiring

System security

Angular 13 Helps to solve vulnerability issues in the system
Sentry Detailed error reporting for troubleshooting purposes
PCI DSS audit each year Each year we have to pass the PCI DSS audit to renew our certification and complying with the newest system security standards

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