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White-label solutions that transform your cryptocurrency services from concept to market in weeks.

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Empower Your Business with a Leading Crypto Wallet Solution

  • Rapid Deployment

    Launch your branded crypto wallet quickly, thanks to our streamlined setup process.

  • Global Accessibility

    With support for 14 languages and multiple payment gateways, cater to a global audience effortlessly.

  • Unmatched Features

    From cryptocurrency trading to staking, offer a complete range of services under your brand.

Leading Crypto Wallet Solution

A Feature-Rich Platform Designed for Your Success

Comprehensive Crypto Services

Enable seamless buying, selling, exchanging, and management of over 150 cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Comprehensive Crypto Services

Benefit from industry-leading security protocols, ensuring your users data and assets are protected at all times.

Customizable & Cross-Platform

Tailor the platform to your brand and ensure accessibility across all devices and platforms.

User-Friendly Management

From user activity logs to email alerts and notifications, keep your customers engaged and informed.

Trading & Earnings

Offer your users the ability to trade, stake, and earn with live market data and best price matching.

Leverage multiple revenue streams within your own crypto wallet

  • Exchange Markups

    Earn from each trade with customizable markups.

  • Withdrawal Fees

    Implement fees on crypto and fiat withdrawals to generate additional income.

  • On-ramp/Off-ramp Services

    Charge for fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat conversions, providing essential services to your users.

  • Staking

    Offer staking services and earn a percentage of the rewards.

  • Swaps

    Benefit from the trading between different cryptocurrencies with fees per swap.

  • Crypto Cards

    Generate revenue through crypto card transactions, enhancing user engagement and offering real-world utility.

Your Path to Launching a Custom Crypto Wallet


1. Sign Up & Customize

Start by signing up with Crassula. Customize your wallet with your branding and desired features.


2. Customize Your Wallet & Set Your Fees

Tailor your wallet to fit your business needs - set your own fees for different products and activate them with ease. Configuration is straightforward, ensuring you can launch quickly and efficiently.


3. Launch & Grow

Deploy your crypto wallet to your audience, complete with trading, staking, and earning capabilities.

Why Crassula Leads

Rapid Deployment

Accelerate your market entry with our efficient setup, enabling a swift launch of your crypto wallet.


Security Excellence

Depend on a platform that offers robust security measures, safeguarding both your business and customer assets with proven protocols.


Cost Efficiency

Leverage our platform for a cost-effective foray into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, ensuring a high return on investment.


Regulatory Compliance

Benefit from our strict adherence to AML and KYC regulations, ensuring your operation remains secure and trustworthy.


Ready to Elevate Your Crypto Banking Services?

Crassula is your gateway to the future of finance. Don't miss the opportunity to lead in the digital economy with our advanced crypto banking software.

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Feature Flexibility

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