Admin panel

Everything you need to launch payment services

Manage multiple projects for every merchant, find, charge or cancel any transaction, manage promotions, fees, discounts, permissions, security - all the tools to work effectively with merchants on the tip of your finger.

Merchant accounts

Apply and manage information about your merchants: names, contacts, company and bank details, projects, more.


No limits! Every merchant can connect unlimited number of projects with different URLs, access settings, 3DS mode, etc.


If your merchant is selling online with fixed packages or sets of goods and services, Crassula has got you covered!

Promos & gift codes

Allow merchants to run sales and promotions by offering instruments that save customers money and increase merchants sales. Choose whether the discount is for dollars off or a percentage off. System also allows to use gift codes as store credit.


A smart way to interact with the customers through offering discounts and bonuses based on purchase behavior. Pre-set the rules, offer sizes, cool-down periods and allow merchants to upspell instantly and automatically!

Flexible localization

Launch your payment services in any country with any currency. System allows to set up language, country-based and currency conversion fees, VATs and operate geo-sensitive checkouts.

Activity log

System tracks and logs every action, so you can trace each move of your employees for security and control even with big teams.


Get information about number of transactions processed, volumes, fees, numbers of merchants and users. System also generates specific accounting, financial and banking reports.

All payment methods

Hook up numerous payment methods and arrange them by order, country, currency - customize settings for every merchant.

Transaction management

Each and every transaction is on your radar. Manage refunds, security deposits, subscriptions, users and their cards, payouts, chargebacks all at one place.