Create payment solutions that stand out

Use Crassula infrastructure to build payment products
the way you want them to be in days, not months.

Stop reinventing the wheel

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for building a bicycle. So why reinventing the whole technical system for building payment product?

Have a complete control over your business without a need to develop the product from scratch, go through the process of receiving PCI DSS certificate or get licensed. By becoming a part of Crassula ecosystem we got you fully covered so that you can focus on your business.

Crassula Ecommerce

Create your own ecommerce global payment gateway with Crassula. Fully PCI DSS compliant and designed with multiple acquiring, alternative payment methods, anti-fraud solutions, risk management, merchants integration, promo and remarketing solutions, virtual currencies and more, Crassula allows you to meet payment provider and merchant business requirements.

Merchant accounts

Dashboard, analytics, transaction management and settings for merchants


Smooth payment flow with embeddable payment form for web and mobile


Flexible recurring billing management and trial periods


Give integration freedom to your merchants no matter what business they're running


Enhanced security monitoring tools provide reliable fraud prevention

Crassula Simple banking

Feature-rich Crassula solution allows to build online banking services in the most efficient way. Launch your cash management system with multi-currency accounts for users, businesses and ecommerce clients.

Money transfers

Multi-currency internal transfers, omni-channel balance fulfillment and international bank transfers and funds settlement.

SEPA transfers

Simplified bank transfers denominated in euro. A smoother, borderless payments zone, with no hidden fees and very fast transfers.

Onboarding & verification

Automated ID and business verification, with PEP lists check and full data compliance - fast and simple.

Accounts management

Real-time multi-currency balances and transaction history. Individual, business and ecommerce accounts.

Card issuing

Plastic, virtual, prepaid cards: give your customers a possibility to pay with credit card at POS and e-shops around the world.

Always improving

Crassula is a live ecosystem, which is constantly moving, improving, listening to the customers and delivering. That agility allows businesses to accelerate their ability to innovate and keep up in the software world.

Crassula Ecosystem (coming soon)

Crassula Ecosystem will empower everyone to create decentralized customized payment products, loyalty programs, netting, liquidity systems and more.

We take care of the security

Becoming a part of Crassula ecosystem allows you to seamlessly achieve PCI DSS compliance.
We meet all industry-standard payment security practices to protect your merchants and
customers. Focus on your business and we will take care of security.

Create payment solutions that stand out

Use Crassula infrastructure to build payment products
the way you want them to be in days, not months.