Building decentralized payment solutions.

Crassula is a platform for creating customized payment products, loyalty programs, netting, liquidity systems, issuing cryptocurrencies and more.

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The crowdsale is coming soon

Due to high interest from private investors, we're making a closed private token sale on November 15th. The minimal ticket size is 170 ETH. If you'd like to participate please contact us at The public token sale date will be announced soon.

Crassula Ecosystem

In the world where number of cryptocurrency users grow by millions every month, still less than 1% of merchants accept payments in cryptocurrency. Crassula Ecosystem will empower everyone to create decentralized customized payment products, loyalty programs, netting, liquidity systems and more.

Crassula Wallet

Toolkit for issuing, holding, sending, exchanging cryptocurrencies

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Crassula Open

Build your own decentralized payment products

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Crassula Pay

Payment solution for accepting leading cryptocurrencies

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Crassula Token

For providing transparency in transaction processing, we’re issuing a Crassula token - CRAT, making it an inevitable part of each transaction. CRAT provides computation and enforcement, it moves each transaction on blockchain and guarantees protection against double-spending, fraud and chargebacks.

Legal type
Utility token
Cratech OU
Jurisdiction of issuance
Price per 1 CRAT
0,0007 ETH
Soft Cap
17 500 ETH
Hard Cap
52 500 ETH
Token sale
75 000 000
Total CRAT issued
150 000 000

Cash-back for every payment

Crassula users receive 0.1% cash-back from each transaction they make using Crassula as a reward in the form of CRAT tokens.

How can I use CRAT token?

CRAT tokens can be used for paying for goods and services on Crassula merchants’ sites and retail points of sale.

Token Sales Campaign

We’re selling 50% of tokens and the other part will be used for long-term company financing, merchants initiative, and for rewarding team members, advisors and contributors. Date will be anounced soon.

Long-term company financing, future costs and uses including use for network validation (12 months smart contract lock)
Merchant incentive token pool
Reserved for team members, advisory services, community initiatives, etc.


Crassula Blockchain

Crassula Ecosystem will be built on private expandable framework providing a new level of auditability, and unparalleled security, combined with privacy and efficiency.

We will revolutionize the way payments are processed. The technology allows to send payments in seconds to milliseconds, offering exceptionally low fees, which provides instant payments even for microtransactions.


Crassula blockchain gives participants control over who can read the ledger of verified transactions, who can submit transactions, and who can verify them. The applications for blockchain include a variety of markets in which multiple parties wish to participate simultaneously but do not fully trust one another.

For White Label services such system provides greater coordination amongst multilateral participants. These participants will be able to cross value across network in order to reach sufficient network effects in usability.

Crassula Ecosystem Roadmap

Feb 2015
Start of the company
May 2016
Merchants onboarding
Jan 2017
White Label services
May 2017
70K monthly transactions
Nov 2017
Token Sales campaign
Q1 2018
Crassula Wallet launch
Q2 2018
Crassula Pay - Ecommerce
Q4 2018
Crassula Pay - POS
Q1 2019
Crassula Open launch
Global Market Expansion

Crassula Team


Daria Dubinina


RBK Money, Payment.Ninja

Daria has dedicated 8 years of experience to payments, ecommerce and business development. Leading strategy for multiple successful projects as a part of the RBK Money payment system team and as an entrepreneur. Daria led the major partnership deals with companies like PayPal, Alipay, Riot Games, IBM and many others. Daria has a vast expertise in financial technologies, international regulations and business development.


Vadim Kalukhov

, PhD


Central Bank of Russia, Diasoft, Banque Societe Generale Vostok, Rosbank

Vadim has more than 15 years hands on experience in banking, technologies, project building and process organization. Before joining Crassula, Vadim headed the department of Financial Technology, Projects and Process Management at the The Central Bank of the Russian Federation. He has also worked on technological projects at Diasoft, Banque Societe Generale Vostok and Rosbank. Vadim has a vast expertise in international financial markets, technology implementation, regulations and global blockchain trends.


Vladislav Nikolayev


Payment.Ninja, RBK Games, Amber Games

More than 8 years of software engineering experience, Vladislav has been leading development of complex financial products, design and implementation of multiple marketing and payment services. Vladislav has a deep understanding of the development process, planning, organization and reaching the business goals. Result-oriented and strong team leader with technical mindset, Vlad is always focused on adding value to the business.


Anatoly Ressin

Blockchain Architect

Fastr, Decent, C.T.Co, AssistUnion, BlockVis

During the last 13 years Anatoly has been working on discrete optimization and heuristic construction. Dedicated last 5 years to developing blockchain architecture for such projects as Fastr, Decent, C.T.Co, AssistUnion, BlockVis and others. Anatoly has deep experience in JavaScript, CoffeScript or TypeScript and utilization of countless technologies including, but not limited to Backbone, Meteor, Webpack or Bluebird.


Evgeny Sheinin



Pavel Voitekhovich

Senior software developer


Andrew Ponochovnyi

UI/UX designer


Vladimir Mantulo

Software developer


Marina Armane

Financial assistant


Kateryna Bondarenko

Community manager


Natalia Drik

Community manager

Advisory Board


Eric Rosental

International Blockchain and business growth advisor

Fintech & Emerging Markets veteran who has spent the last 10 years working across Latin America, Asia, Europe and the US. Eric has worked with fintech start-ups and other technology companies in corporate venture capital for First Data & Citigroup, while at McKinsey & Co. He worked with private equity firms, banks and public institutions.


Dmitry Danilenko

Business Growth Advisor

Dmitry is Head of The International Money Remittances and E-Commerce Division at QIWI, he has over ten years' experience in Internet related businesses. He was Commercial Director for the Begun Company, responsible for the commercial strategy. Dmitry served as the CCO at Yandex.Money, where was responsible for defining long-term strategies and key e-commerce partnership deals.


Hanno Fichtner

Business Growth advisor, Western Europe & USA

Serial entrepreneur and investor. Worked at management consultancy McKinsey for 7 years, Co-founded in 2011 HitFox Group, in 2014 he co-founded the FinTech company builder FinLeap, worked as a Chief Digital Strategy Officer at ProSiebenSat.1 Media, led the early stage venture fund of ProSiebenSat.1 Media. Now lives in San Francisco running his InsurTech company Gabi.


Alexander Novozhenov

Tech & Marketing Advisor

Alexander has more than 22 years experience in tech and software development, 10 of them were dedicated to banking and FinTech. He’s a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits. Alexander is also running Amber Games - the biggest online games development company in Latvia and one of the most successful publishing companies in Eastern Europe - RBK Games.


Kshitij Jain

Global Business Growth & Indian Market Expansion Advisor

A committed professional with 11 years of Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development and Core Strategy Consulting experience across conglomerates, multilateral banks and consulting sectors in multiple geographies (US, UK, Europe, Philippines, Korea & India) Functional expertise in Corporate Strategy & Corporate Development (M&A and Deal Integrations) , Strategic Business Transformation and Business Development across sectors.


Maxim Rate

Business Development & Asian Market Expansion Advisor

Maxim is a marketing and business development professional with over 3 years of experience in China and Asian region.


Latest Videos

Crassula Introduction

Daria Dubinina, Crassula CEO telling company story and announces coming token sales campaign.

Why are we doing this?

Daria Dubinina talks about Crassula team, building fast and cheap crypto payment processing infrastructure.

Products & Token

Role of CRAT token in Crassula products.

Why are we doing this?

Daria Dubinina talks about Crassula team, building fast and cheap crypto payment processing infrastructure.

Products & Token

Role of CRAT token in Crassula products.

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