Obtain a regulated payments infrastructure with Crassula and Clear Junction

Use Clear Junction’s ready-made solution & Crassula’s White Label Software to empower your business and realize the full potential in the areas that more traditional services providers cannot or are not willing to unlock.

Power your FinTech with Clear Junction

Easy-to-use correspondent accounts are the cornerstone of Clear Junction offering - they enable licensed financial institutions dealing with account receivables to hold and maintain a monetary balance in their own name.

You can connect these correspondent accounts to virtual IBANs, e-wallets and payment rails across the UK and Europe, including SEPA, SEPA Instant and Faster Payments.

  • Out-of-box solutions

    Integrate all the ready-made bells and whistles such as Correspondent Account, Virtual IBANs, Payments and FX into your solution to diversify your services and consolidate the competitive position in the market.

  • Risk and compliance management

    Worry no more about how to mitigate risks proactively and remain compliant. Our IT infrastructure accommodates strict laws and regulations that combat money laundering, financial fraud and other financial crimes.

  • Quick implementation time

    Thanks to the exceptional risk-based approach and pre-built solution you can shorten your way to the market and deliver all the functionalities in a matter of weeks, not months.

How to launch with us
  • Define your product scope with Crassula
    Get in touch with us to discuss the banking product your customers need. With Crassula’s modular system, you will get a Backoffice Dashboard with connected and fully branded iOS, Android and Web interfaces tailored for your business model.
  • Onboard to Clear Junction
    We connect you directly to Clear Junction to smooth out the onboarding process and connect to the services you need for growing your business. Don’t worry about integration, connectivity and technical details - Crassula’s got you covered.
  • Ready to launch!
    Once you’re all set with products and services, Crassula sets up a dedicated manager to help you with all the processes setup and maintenance. Congratulations! Your unforgettable digital bank journey is about to start.

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